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  • General Information

Bidwheelz has business partner associated with them across the market who bid the car based on our inspection report and detailed information of the car.

Personal information won’t be displayed as we are concerned about the privacy of the sellers in regards with car details such as name of registered owner, address of registered owner, only the passing details would be displayed .

We care for your Privacy so SIT BACK and RELAX.

As an individual or a company it is not possible for them to call for many people to see the car and make everyone inspect it, so here we are a one stop shop which inspects the car at your place, and gets you the best price for your product.

WE believe that if you get better value and hassle free deal you would definitely go with it.

Bidwheelz works with a very simple and straight step:-




Selling your car through BIDWHEELZ can be done in three simple steps… It couldn’t get easier. 

Sit back and to go to our page , send your information through enquiry form, our team would revert back within 2hours and schedule the appointment at convenient place.

Also call us on our toll free number.

Yes, we don’t like to disturb you, so an appointment would help both of us to keep a dedicated time as per the schedule.

It is important that you bring the following documents with you for the Inspection:

To get the best price, definitely bring:

1. Original RC (Mandatory)
2. Insurance Certificate / Cover Note / Policy
3. Original Invoice
4. Duplicate Keys
5. Service Manual
6. Last Service Receipt
7. Extended Warranty Certificate

For instant payment you must bring:
1. PAN card of the registered owner
2. 4 Self attested photos of registered owner
3. Registered owner's:
    a. Aadhar Card or
    b. Voter ID Card or
    c. Passport
4. Financial documents in case of financed car
5. 1 Cancelled cheque 
6. GSTIN Registration Certificate (Required only if the car's RC is in the name of the Firm / Company / HUF etc.)

Do remember to take out all of your personal belongings from your car before your inspection!

Yes, we don’t like to disturb you, so an appointment would help both of us to keep a dedicated time as per the schedule.

Mail would be sent to you only after you confirm the deal of valuation.


We built trust with this platform where a legal agreement would be present, before which the price confirmation is given from your end and at the time of full payment a confirmation is received from the seller in regards to payment.

Yes, if the company is planning to sell the car and ready to provide all the documents and also an authority letter stating to sell the car then it is possible.

The documents required are as follows:

  1. Company address Proof (Electricity bill, Landline bill, Company registration letter)
  2. Blank Company letter head - 3 (Stamped and Signed by Signing authority)
  3. Board resolution copy or MOU (memorandum of understanding) or certificate of incorporation or certificate of registration signed and stamped by all company directors. (Any of these)
  4. Signing authority’s pan card copy
  5. Form 28 (4 copies), 29 (2 copies), 30 (2 copies) signed and stamped by company authorized signatory.
  6. Company’s pan card

Aadhar card letter on company letterhead authorizing you to sign on company’s behalf.

Outstanding loan would be paid to the bank based on the foreclosure letter and balance would be paid to you as the final price discussed and as the invoice generated.

Looking forward to go PAN India……….


Yes, we can definitely help you in exchanging the car as well but the platform would be used for you to sell you’re car. You can then inform us for the new car you requirement and our associated partners would contact you accordingly.

Also we help you in buying a new car at GREAT DEALS.

Exchanging your car instead of simply selling it can result in a really bad deal for you. Selling and buying from the same new car dealership ties your transaction and reduces the room for negotiation. The more the new car dealership offers you for your used car, the lesser discount they will offer you on your new car.

Selling your car to BIDWHEELZ puts you in a stronger position. You get the actual value for your car as cash in your pocket, and get to drive the negotiations while buying your new car. And why would you want the hassle of ownership transfer? It’s a win-win deal for you!

Not yet. But we’re working on it!

Here we are for you send us the enquiry we can get your car reached to our partners where you would get the possible price for your car.

Why to waste space in your garage if it is not running anymore

Currently we are looking into Private owned cars only


Working over it…..


Fill the enquiry form, will reach you……


Quotation is valid only at the till the time of auction period it may be valid for further 48 hours, subject to vehicle condition remains same as at the time of inspection. Request you to accept the deal in 1st sitting as the best quote is received during 1st auction only.

Letter of authority would be required from the registered owner for the sale of vehicle. Payment will be made on the registered owners name only.

Confirmation of deal would be provided by you .Payment would be made once all documents are provided.

Our condolence for your loss, but we strongly recommend you to firstly approach local RTO in that case as they might help you with right procedure of selling the vehicle.

Once document process is done then probably we can sell the vehicle.


An authority letter with signature and ID proof of the owner self-attested is required.

Vehicle information report is required in all cases.

If at all it is found the signatures are fake or duplication is done then the seller is liable to pay the amount received and also compensation of 10% of amount.


We do not buy your car but trade with it ensuring you receive the payment before or at time of delivery of the car, and also your car reaches to the right person where after you are not liable for anything wrong which happens with the car.

We make sure your car gets transferred when our business partner sells it to the right buyer for the car.

Factors vary from online valuation and inspection based on which quote received so yes there might be difference in value.


We charge you nothing more than the equivalent of a salesman’s commission.